The program

Our program is a gateway to a healthier and more positive life. It gives you the motivation and guidance to make a real lifestyle change and stay in control of your health and reach your ideal weight.

Diogo Costa | Program Director

Need help setting your health goals?

The willingness to change is not always proportional to our will. The first step is to define goals based on what our reality is. We’ll help you, free of charge, to have a clear idea of ​​what you want and the benefits that you may achieve by doing so. As Tony Robbins says, there are no unmotivated people but goals that do not stimulate.

Imagine a life where you control your health

Now it is possible and easy to coach your body, enhance specific aspects of your well-being and improve your overall health. With the STARGUT Wellness Program it is easy to live a healthier, smarter and happier life.

Stargut is the best version of you!

STARGUT helps you provide nutrients, shelter, and proper care to your Microbiome so it can pay back working hard for your overall health. It is a comprehensive program, that with our help you will be able to follow and, in less than 2 months, achieve a completely new you, slimmer, prettier, healthier and happier!

Follow your gut... and forget


Lose and maintain an ideal weight in a natural and easy way. Look great again!

Sleep problems

Recover your sleeping habits and reset your circadian rhythm. Sleep tight!

Brain fog

You back on top of the game… gain clarity and sharpness. Bear with me!

Poor digestion

Eating is going to be a pleasure again, not an issue. Are you served?

Low energy & fatigue

Increase your energy levels, your immunity and endurance. Go!

Stress & Anxiety

Live a happier life and deal with stressful situations more easily. Chill out!

Bloating & stomach pain

Reduce inflammation of your gut wall and forget the internal discomfort. Pardon you!

Joint discomfort

Life is movement, enjoy it without constraints. Move!

Why is Stargut so relevant to you?

We are relevant because we will change your life forever. We will provide you with tools for you to use daily that will make you live longer, better and happier. You will be able to be in control of your health, save money, feel great and enjoying your life as never before.

It takes guts to be a star!

Clean, repair, renew and rebalance your gut microbiota

Through these three axes of functional medicine, we will provide you with a new and more positive routine, with whom you’ll be able to accomplish a completely different you. This is the Stargut Program.

2 Months x 3 stages to
change your life

Meet the Stargut Wellness Program

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Stargut is science
that improves you!

Advances in technology and medicine give us a whole new perspective on wellness. There is increasing scientific evidence that GUT HEALTH IS FUNDAMENTAL TO GENERAL WELLNESS and performance.

Proper nutrition, reduced sedentary lifestyle (movement) and other healthy routines, along with specific supplements, improve your quality of life and enhance specific aspects of your well-being, such as sleep, intellectual and physical performance, weight regulation, stress control and many others.


A healthy gut is the foundation
of a healthy person

Our team

We are a team of health and wellness experts dedicated to putting you in control of your own wellness in an effective and holistic way. With the supervision of our Clinical Director and Program Director, a multidisciplinary team will give you the tools that suit you, your problems and your goals.

Dr. Jaime Milheiro
Co-Founder & Clinical Director

Our goal is your goals

Our goal is to understand your body, specifically your gut, and guide you on a journey so that in no time you can feel better all over. With the STARGUT Wellness Program you will also contribute to the prevention of diseases such as digestive problems, oncological disease, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, among others.

Our goal is to provide you
with your healthier, smarter, and happier version.

Feel healthy...
Not just healthier!

When I was 49 years old, I was diagnosed with reflux disease, I had permanent discomfort in my belly, and eating for me was a stress, because I didn’t know what impact that meal was going to have on me. Every day I would take two pills, one for sleeping and one for my stomach. I slept poorly and had continuous discomfort in my joints and suffered from minor injuries that prevented me from training regularly. Fatigue and stress were part of my routine. I needed to do something, I was not getting definitive answers from those who were with me until then. That’s when I changed my life strategy! I discovered intermittent fasting, some new eating habits, and introduced light exercise and relaxation routines, like a simple half-hour walk into my day.

The more I studied the subject, the more answers I got. Magic, in less than three months I was forgetting every single symptom that had built up in my life up to that point. Today, besides having lost an incredible 8 kg, I sleep well, eat with pleasure, and feel healthy (not just healthier!) and even younger. My body has become my guide, I can now distinguish what makes me unwell and know what I need. All this led me to find people with similar stories to mine, with enormous knowledge of these areas of functional medicine, specifically the importance of the Microbiome. Creating a program that would allow many more people to have the same experience and live healthier and happier lives was a small big step. Gathering and systematizing all the knowledge brought us to this point, to the STARGUT wellness program, and my mission became sharing it with as many people as possible, making it attractive, accessible and easy to incorporate into daily life. I believe that health is a right and should be lived to the fullest.

Paulo Pereira CEO Stargut


Stargut, a member of the American Holistic Health Association (AHHA)