Our program offers countless benefits in terms of well-being. Embrace the Stargut lifestyle and improve your health in general.

Improved cognitive function and increased BDNF protein (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) which is the protein that helps create new brain cells and neurons from stem cells in the hippocampus, stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis, the formation of new synapses and plays a key role in learning ability and memory.

  • Hormonal adaptations, such as increased serum levels of noradrenaline and growth hormone (GH) that culminate in increased metabolic rate, preserved lean mass and reduced visceral fat.
  • Decreased insulin and blood glucose levels.
  • Depletion of liver glycogen, which causes ketosis, forcing the body to look for energy from the second source (fat).
  • Stimulation of the production of the hormone leptin in fat cells, which is considered the satiety hormone, causing a reduction in appetite and its also associated with people getting used to eating less and feeling good with that.

Improvement of VO2 max and aerobic capacity through increased cardiac output due to increased sympathetic stimulation during exercise and greater muscle oxidative capacity, i.e., greater cardiorespiratory fitness.

Production of beneficial microbial compounds known as short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) (e.g., butyric acid) – These SCFAs alter the expression of the “circadian rhythm” genes in the liver, which play an important role in regulating sleep, metabolism and behavior

  • Autophagy (cleaning and cell regeneration).
  • When fasting, the body gives instructions to the stem cells to produce new white blood cells.
  • Reduction of systemic inflammation, important in disease prevention.

Increase of tryptophan levels in the blood, which is beneficial because this amino acid helps to form the hormone serotonin that positively affects mood and it’s essential to prevent disorders resulting from stress, such as depression and anxiety.

Reduction of free radical production and stimulation of mitochondrial energy production, resulting in an increase in life expectancy and in a decrease in aging markers.

Reducing chronic inflammation and improving gut health play a key role, as scientific evidence indicates that some skin, hair and joint conditions are linked to inflammation and intestinal permeability.

  • Optimization of the microbiome and gut microbiota;
  • Increased microbial richness, microbial diversity, and levels of beneficial gut bacteria;
  • Reduction of SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth);
  • Stem cell regeneration – Gut Healing;
  • Reduction of gut inflammation, important in cases of leaky gut;
  • Increased levels of tryptophan in the blood, which can help reduce stress, fight depression, and manage anxiety, as digestive disorders tend to be stress related.